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  • Eva Swersey

5 Best Home Updates to Increase Your Sale Price

Selling your home is a significant financial transaction, and maximizing its sale price is often a top priority for homeowners. 

In my years as a realtor, I have found these 5 things to be the biggest dial-movers for increasing the perceived value of a home, attracting buyers willing to pay top dollar: 

  • Paint Fresh paint not only revitalizes the appearance of your home but also helps potential buyers envision themselves living there. Neutral colors are particularly effective in creating a bright, inviting space that appeals to a wide audience.

  • Flooring Updating the flooring can dramatically change the look and feel of your home, making it appear cleaner and more modern. High-quality, durable flooring options can also appeal to buyers looking for homes that are move-in ready.

  • Light Fixtures Modern light fixtures can transform a room by making it appear more welcoming and spacious. They're a relatively low-cost update that can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, potentially increasing its value.

  • Hardware Replacing outdated hardware (like knobs, handles, and faucets) is a simple and cost-effective way to update the look of your home. It's a small detail that can make a big difference in making spaces feel more contemporary and well-maintained.

  • Staging Staging your home can highlight its best features, demonstrate its potential, and create an emotional connection with buyers. A well-staged home typically sells faster and for a higher price, as it helps buyers visualize living in the space.

The good news? These don’t have to be costly home updates! A great realtor - myself included - will have trusted contractors that will ensure quality work without unnecessary expenses. Many of my clients also take advantage of the Compass Concierge program, which fronts them for the cost of home improvement services like staging, flooring, painting, landscaping, and professional cleaning.

Trust me, these 5 home updates are an investment that pays off handsomely in your home's final sale price!

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